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SEPT 2015


Everything must go sale !!!

Prices have been slashed - some items by up to 90% !!



ArdyssPrint is an online shop helping Ardyss Distributors with their marketing needs. You can view what is available and order on the next page. 
ArdyssPrint was formed in 2010 because there was a need for high quality, decent ardyss body magic marketing materials for the distributors who were in the UK, USA, Canada (globally) - and we want to help project a good image of Ardyss.
Just as many people will judge a book by its cover, people (potential customers / new potential Ardyss distributors) will judge our business by the materials which we give them. So, we came about to help people to market their business. The designs are already done, the orders are normally in stock - and we buy them up in a huge batch (normally) at 10,000 at a time, and then break them down into smaller components e.g. 50-100, so that the distributors can afford to get something to get started with.
ArdyssPrint is here to help support British, American, Canadian, Jamaican, Nigerian,  English-speaking Ardyss Distributors globally - to get quality marketing materials fairly quickly, and at an affordable price. 

The turnaround time from order to receiving your goods is approx 3 working days. If you have placed / or are going to place an order - please read the site carefully, as you'll probably find the answers to your question is here.

If you know you have an event coming up, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE order in good time. If you are concerned about anything, then by all means please do PHONE US, our hotline number is Tel: 07854 216 482.  We are here to serve and help you.

Our email address: for all queries is:

Ardyss printed products are good quality, good value and will save you a lot of time and effort.

Unfortunately - we're not currently offering ardyss personalised business cards or the labels to stick onto the postcards. You can get ardyss personalised business cards from your ardysslife back office - so do check there.

The benefit of using Ardyss Print, is that the design work is already done for you. You simply have to drop your personal details onto the product. This will save you a lot of time.

When you start any business, you need to be able to promote your goods and services to potential customers. Ardyss Print have designed a collection of Ardyss promotional materials (such as flyers, Tshirts and badges) - and some of the material is available for download immediately - so you can print it off, and start helping yourself and your team.

There is no minimum order quantity. We've tried to make it as affordable as possible.




The Ardyss Promotional product range on offer are:

  • Ardyss Postcards
  • Ardyss T Shirts
  • Ardyss Banner stands / pop up stands
  • Ardyss Cotton Bags
  • Ardyss Leaflets
  • Ardyss Flyers
  • Ardyss Badges
  • Ardyss Posters
  • Ardyss literature - (printed & laminated from the back-office of the ArdyssLife website) e.g. - compensation plan, measuring charts, pricing lists, LeVive leaflet
  • Ardyss info leaflets - answers to FAQs  




Ardyss Card Flyers (A6)

 These are slightly bigger than a business card, but smaller than a postcard... front & back... They measure: 72mm x 105 mm.


We have special themes e.g. for new mums, for fitness (gyms), for plus-size women, for Doctors / Chemists, for older women and for weddings e.g.


Ardyss T-Shirts - if you have an event coming up - do not wait until the last minute - please get your order in, so that we can process it.

Example - Ardyss White, Plain T-Shirt


And if you're looking for something specifically, that you can't see in our Ardyss Shop... do let us know - we can add it. Email your suggestions to:

We did all the design and print for the Ardyss Distributors who were at the NEC Beauty Show in Birmingham on 25-26th April 2010:

"We were really impressed with the materials, the turnaround was fast. I'd definately use them again." Ardyss Distributor.

Having professional printed Ardyss material will enhance your reputation as a distributor and also project the right image to clients. You need to invest in proper marketing tools. Team leaders (Directors, Manager A, Manager B, Supervisors) are encouraged to buy items in bulk e.g. 1000 or 5000 - and to share the materials with the group, just using stickers / labels to customise things.

Overall, this is the most cost effective way to operate your Ardyss Business. And we're here to support you. If you have any designs of your own - we'll be happy to use them too and to add them to the shop - if we have your permission.

We are always open to suggestions - so if you see something / would like something, please drop us a line - we'll do our best to accomodate your request. We are here to serve Ardyss Distributors in the UK / worldwide. Please contact us:

If you have any queries, you can phone the 24 hr hotline: Tel: 07801 371 299 or send a text to this number and put: 'ArdyssPrint' and your name - and we'll call you straight back. But before you do ring us, please please please - read this website carefully, as I'm sure your question will be answered here already....


PLEASE NOTE: We are not Ardyss International - we only help distributors with their marketing. This site is independently owned and is a separate entity from Ardyss International. We simply help distributors to save time.


UPDATED: 14 Sept 2015